Within our community of Risk Retention Groups, we have established a wholesale insurance buyers’ group to explore life insurance policies for our entrepreneurs and their unique preferences at “group rates” in a buying collective.
Our client:  Our member-insured is an entrepreneurial individual or entity interested in both the quality of their life insurance carrier (i.e., accountability, credibility and transparency) as well as the leverage value of their tax-advantaged variable / indexed / universal / guaranteed and various  life insurance trusts assets.
Our member-owner:  Owners have both a personal life policy, but also an interest in the shared success of investment vehicles and strategies. Our ability to structure the risk pool offers unique opportunities to members of our entrepreneurial group.
Our professionals:  Our real estate entitlement professionals, developers, construction managers, financial engineers, investment bankers, liability and fronting life insurance specialists,  actuaries, accountants and lawyers are available to help sculpt an intelligently optimized solution to a variety of innovative problems.   We are the opposite of streamlined efficiency in a “one size fits all” financial universe.

Let us protect you”